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map The State of Nagaland, situated in the Northeast of India, comprises of hilly terrain bordered in parts of the west by low lying, alluvial tracts adjoining the State of Assam. Natural and Anthropogenic damages to the environment due to the adverse geologic and climatic conditions, rapid population growth and increased concentration of population in hazardous environments, and lack of adequate infrastructure has resulted in escalation and severity of natural disasters in the State.

Potential and real hazards identified by the State Government of Nagaland include natural (Earthquake, landslides, floods, fires, droughts etc) and manmade (forest fires, chemical and gas catastrophes etc) disasters. The State Government of Nagaland realizes the need to address the issue of disaster response and management at both the micro and macro level and hence, the adoption of a holistic approach in disaster management that ensures the involvement of the State machineries, District functionaries, NGOs, all concerned stakeholders right down to the traditional Village Councils at the level of the individual village units.

The National Disaster Management Act 2005 was enacted and Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA) and District Disaster Management Authority were notified on the 21st of July 2008 to bring an institutional mechanism for the management of disaster in the State.

The political and administrative machinery will be made responsive while involving the active participation of Civic bodies, social organizations, institutions, community based organizations, Tribal Hohos and voluntary organizations. Participation and partnership at all levels of planning, capacity building, response activities, monitoring and rehabilitation will be encouraged.

The Nagaland State Disaster Management Plan, Emergency Support Functions, Nagaland Norms of Relief Assistance is some of the policies and guidelines in the management of disaster in the state.



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